December 2017, Sekiyou (石葉) ryokan
Room keyWelcoming tea (明日葉茶) and sweets made of red beans先付 Appetizer - crab, shiitake mushroom in yuba bean paste, and sake made from quince 花梨ハ寸 AppetizerUnder the leaves...お椀変りSoup containing cod sperm nicely named as kumoko (cloud), turnip and gingerSashimi - Olive flounder and Yellowtail焼き物 Yakimono - Grilled oyster and fried tofu with miso served on hobo (lotus leaf)鍋物 Nabemono- Minced chicken cooked in dashiServed with scallions and black 7 spices blend (黒七味)強肴 Shizakana - Fried mackerel, kuwai (arrowhead) and ginko止肴 Tomezakana - Potato sprouts and konyaku in sesame dressing御飯 Gohan - Rice mixed with lily bulbs and beef jerky, miso soup and picklesDessert - Pear and yuzu sherbetDessert - Pumpkin mochi and red bean kinakoStairs to bath houseCorridorMore stairs...Lounge at bath houseView from bath