Jun-Jul 2009
Arrival at the Olgii AirportLunch break on the way to Altai Tavan Bogd National ParkCamping site at the Altai Tavan Bogd National ParkPotanin GlacierTsaagan River (milky water)Blindfolded eagle trained for hunting by its Kazakh ownerThe Tavan Bogd MountainsA Tuvan riding on the Altai MountainsAncient Turkic tombstone, Altai MountainsA family of siblings including the family dog at the Altai MountainsScythian burial moundNomadic lifestyle at the Altai MountainsKazakhsA chance opportunity to meet Kazakh children when our van broke downThe State Opera and Ballet Theatre next to the golden Central Tower at sunset (8:30PM), UlaanbaatarImage of Buddha carved in granite stone near the Manzushir MonasteryA herder and his livestocksBactrian camels, South Gobi